3 Simple and elegant flower arrangement

There are many ways to put flowers on the table depending on the type of flower, each type of table or even the style of space architecture you set.

How to put flowers in the modern style

Modern beauty in the vase expresses through the simple appearance of the flower delicate. Therefore, with this style, sometimes only a flower with a standard “plug” is enough to make your room look much “west” then.

3 Simple and elegant flower arrangement 1

To get a modern flower vase, prepare as follows:

Fresh flowers: Choose the modern flowers such as glass, celadon or roses yellow, blue, flowers …. The flowers and flowers are quite flexible, no need to restrain in any pattern.

Flower Arrangement: For the flower pot, this tool requires a bit more sophistication, not just the traditional bottle with the unique lace in the neck. These vases can be customized and customized.

Flower arrangement:

As mentioned above, this type of flower arrangement is aimed at simplicity and sophistication. Therefore, you just need to cross the flowers / plug the flowers so they slightly knit together and add a little bit extra flowers are outside.

3 Simple and elegant flower arrangement 2

How to decorate table flowers in classic style

Flower arrangement in classical style requires sophistication, more meticulous than other styles. From the flowers, flowers to the decoration, the arrangement of the flowers are carefully adjusted.

To put flowers in this style, you do the following

Preparation of fresh flowers: Contrary to modern style, when choosing fresh flowers in this style, you should choose the classic flowers such as red roses, carnations, rhubarb … If it is red roses should choose big red roses, do not choose small flowers, pink buds because it will easily mixed into other styles

3 Simple and elegant flower arrangement 4

Vase for flower arrangement: Vase for flower arrangement should only choose the type of vial to be low, but not select the type of vial too high or piece. Choose plain or simple bottle types.

How to put flowers

Cut short the stem so that it is just or higher than the mouth, not too high. Cover the edges / edges of the bottle and use only a few small flowers added points, not the use of decorative foliage.

3 Simple and elegant flower arrangement 5

How to put flowers on the table in the style of freedom

The easiest and most creative way to decorate your desktop is by now you are no longer limited to any type of pattern. Therefore, you can freely choose flowers / flower pots depending on your preferences and conditions.


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