9 Note When using the stove to avoid having graphics

Gas stove is a familiar device when cooking, but many potential immeasurable scourge that you have to be wary. To avoid unintended problems encountered please note the following: article 9

1. Pedestal stove is made of non-combustible material

Stove shelves to absolutely not made or decorated with flammable material because the fire from gas in the process of cooking is very easy to contact with this material and causing fire and explosion hazard if you do not promptly extinguished the fire.

2. Replace gas pipeline after 3-5 years

Gas pipes special is “sensitive” parts prone to leaks, so good for after 3 to 5 years, you should use the replacement even if they have yet to have any problems.

3. Regular stove, toilet

Kitchen hygiene and use regular gas. You should replace the new kitchen if the old kitchen was rust, poor quality. Usually the cause of the gas blast happened when gas leaking due to average shell puncture, open valves, wire being the mouse bite …

4. Use correct size pot kitchen

The use of the type of pot, Pan sizes too big compared to the size of the kitchen also is one of the risk of causing fire and explosion. When the maximum level of heat, the ring of fire will spill out wide, diffuse gas in the deep down below, gas heat, increasing the risk of fire, do not ensure safety, especially with the mini gas stove.

5. Periodically check the gas stove and the relevant equipment

With gas cookers, periodic checking is not to be missed, to timely detect problems that can cause hazard fire. You can use the soapy water lather into the casing, valves, gas tube, if found to have bubble rise abnormally, it may leak, about 2 times a month.

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6. Do not use gas tanks travel be reloaded

There are many explosive fires were recorded in tourism caused by the stove, the main cause is due to the average ga loaded, transfer several times, not rules, caused the accident hazard.

7. Note When gas leak detection

In particular, when the discovery of strange signs such as smell characteristic of the station is at the deadly dangers are lurking around you. By this is at only a small electric spark as turn electrical appliances like lights, fans, mobile phones … can also do burn great.

Once there, you need to open the door for ventilation to gas himself flying out, close the gas source immediately. When a small fire occurs, if there is no fire extinguisher, use thick cloth or blanket water covered with extinguishing the fire, quickly evacuated the family and called the fire department.

8. gas Weirs in ventilation, gas stove way at least 1-1.5 m

Put gas in ventilation as near the window, underneath the kitchen cabinet seats to gas tanks should to glimpse. Gas tanks must be within the stove from 1 to 1.5 m, absolutely not right under the stove. Cabinet door set gas tanks must always be open, or really for ease of observation, to avoid the mouse into the nest or gnaw pipes. In addition, the average ga near to put the upright, electric drives and power was at least a meter.

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9. gas valve after cooking is finished

This is the most important operation to avoid a fire, explosion, but at least the family in mind. Some people have the habit after cooking, just off the kitchen’s it is not enough that need gas valve immediately. The fact there are many cases of gas tanks, gas valve key not always spill out of wire, a long time or overnight wire being the mouse bites, the gas will leak out, met the spark will cause a fire, not hand up.

Please note and eliminate habits on if you are using a gas stove daily. Just do not harm the family health to help you fire.


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