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A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency

Nowadays, microwave ovens are widely used and become a powerful aid thanks to the convenient features of cooking, defrosting and heating food. In addition, some kitchens have extra baking functions to help you grill.

However, the use of it improperly will not be able to fully exploit its capabilities, in addition to not ensure the safety of users.

The following article will guide you how to use the microwave oven to promote efficiency and at the same time ensure the safety of users.

If you can afford to have a microwave oven for your family, here are some tips for choosing a microwave oven:

A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency 1

Some basic steps to take when using

Read the manual

All products are included with the user’s manual, which contains all product information and some safety warnings from the manufacturer.

However, due to the habit of using that most consumers are accustomed to go away, so extremely should not, so it is your job to read the manual again!

Be careful with the power outlet

We should limit the plugging of many electrical appliances in the same outlet to avoid causing unfortunate electrical problems, microwave ovens with large capacity can range from 800-2000W should you prefer Make sure to use a socket for a microwave oven.

Also, do not place the microwave near other electrical appliances such as televisions or radios to avoid interference.

A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency 2

Set time usage

Depending on whether your home is using microwave ovens or microwave ovens, you can set different times of use.

For a microwave oven, just rotate the control knob to the position you want.

In case your microwave oven is an electric oven, you need to enter the installation time in minutes and seconds, then let the oven operate.

Start cooking simple dishes

Just reading the manual does not make you proficient, the best way to use it is to start working immediately after reading the manual. Only action can produce results.

You just have to start with the simple process of cooking a few things for your family, such as warming up cold food, boiling some potatoes, or simply having a glass of hot coffee. These are quite simple but through the operation to help you master and have more experience in the process of using.

A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency 3

How to use a microwave oven safely and effectively

Principles of microwave operation

As a rule of thumb, microwave ovens use microwaves that directly affect water molecules to heat food, so you have to understand how it works to use it effectively. Safe when using.

The process of heating by water molecules goes through two stages:

Stage 1: The ultra-short waves will cause the water in the food to be heated.

Stage 2: At this stage hot water will spread slowly from anywhere in the food to help the food to be heated.

Some notes for safe microwave use

Use glass, ceramic, porcelain instead of metal

Using ceramic glassware to store food when replacing metal objects, as we know metal is very conductive, so when used in the furnace Containers may pose a risk of discharge from a very high power source that may affect the user, even more dangerous, which may cause fire.

Whether using ceramics, porcelain or glass, you should also use gloves when taking food out of the oven to avoid burns!

Do not run microwave when there is no food inside

When there is no food inside, we operate the oven with high capacity and the amount of food left in the oven will be too low leading to the radiation that can not be absorbed. Explosive.

A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency 4


Put in the microwave a glass of water so the oven can absorb the wavelengths and moisten the food so that the food does not burn.

In case of a fire, you do not open the oven completely, but turn off the power and open the oven door.

See more:

Do not run the oven when the oven is damaged by welding or electrical plugs

Some long-life ovens will be exposed to welds, electrical plugs or warping that will cause the oven not to operate properly, the microwave radiation emitted by the outside will affect the user.


If this happens, you will need a manufacturer, a home warranty center or a skilled dairyman.

Some notes when cooking in the microwave

Use circular dishes for food

The shape of the food pans also has a great deal of impact on the fire. You should use a circular disk or oval disk instead of a square or rectangular disk.

A guide to how to use a microwave oven for safety and efficiency 5

Microwave does not cook food from “inside out”

Many people have the idea that the microwave cooks the food from the inside out, but in contrast the microwave only acts and warms the outer parts by the water molecules only, then warms it up gradually. From outside to help ripen food. This also explains why the microwave oven can make a very thick piece of meat like steak. Avoid roasting raw eggs as it may cause an explosion. Therefore, for foods with thick shells such as potatoes or chestnuts, it is imperative that you peel the shells before baking them into the oven. Other Notes For foods that are microwave frozen such as meat or fish, you should not put them in a preservation refrigerator, but rather rip them in the fridge. For oils such as olives, you can not heat them in the microwave because olive molecules often lack the polarity of water. This is also the reason for the phenomenon of frozen avocado is often difficult to defrost. Some consumers use the microwave oven to dry fabrics such as handkerchiefs, tablecloths … This is a habit that should not be taken lightly, as it can cause fires and fire. Recalculate the cooking time, if you use a microwave oven for a long time will have more experience, help you to predict how long it will be cooked. From there, it is possible to set the cooking time to avoid overheating.


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