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How to use the microwave properly

Microwave, or microwaves, is a household appliance that uses microwave energy to act on water in food and thereby generate heat to cook food. It is a convenient way to cook food, warm the food in the modern kitchen of every family. Microwave oven is a great assistant in conquering the kitchen but it can also cause some difficulties for you when used incorrectly or not. Here’s how to use it to get the most out of your microwave oven, for both the oven and the oven.

Simple steps to using the oven:

Read the manual carefully. The user guide is accompanied by a product with all the useful information that you can follow, especially the well-known safety warnings. Some thoughtful cooks also offer microwave recipes – a great way to test new menus for the whole family.

Use the microwave properly 1

Note the power outlet. Microwave ovens often have a large capacity of 800-2000W so do not plug too many electrical appliances in the same outlet as they could cause electrical problems.

Set the time

– If your microwave oven is a stove, turn the control knob to the desired position.

– Particularly electronic furnace, you enter the set time in minutes and seconds, after the furnace operation.

– You may need to press the Cook / Start button to operate.

Practice some simple cooking recipes

It is not too difficult to cook or simmer some simple dishes from the oven. When making these dishes, the general model has some accumulated experience so that when making more complicated dishes it will not be too difficult. scarf with you too. Some items may be available for you to try out in the beginning:

Use the microwave properly 2

– Bake 1 – 2 potatoes / sweet potatoes in the microwave.

– Heat food at low power.

– Keep warm coffee or milk if you want but carefully milk overflowing!

– Make popcorn packed in a supermarket or convenience store, for the oven to operate until no longer heard the “snake”.

– Croissant, boiled vegetables …

Use the microwave properly

Contrary to most traditional cooking methods such as gas stoves or electric stoves, heat is directly applied to the surface of the food. Microwaves use microwaves to influence water molecules to heat food. When using the furnace, the heating by the water molecules is divided into two phases:

Water contained in food is heated by extremely short waves.

Hot water transfers heat to other parts of the food.


-Do not cook dry food, no or little water like cake, unless the dish is in microwave recipes.

-Do not cook food with or without water unless it is in microwave recipes

Use the microwave properly 3

When cooking food with little water, you can put a glass of water into the oven so it absorbs the wavelengths and moistens the food, so the food does not dry out or burn.

– Microwave ovens do not cook food from the “inside out” but basically the oven is cooked thin food at the same time, separate food with thick oven will work long and low in the interior. So when cooking you should put soft food in the middle of the oven, and let the thicker type on the outside.

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– Microwave size is small, capacity about 17-25L, metal shell, so the electromagnetic waves reflected back and easy to form a standing wave. So in the microwave should choose to have rotating glass plate so that food on the plate always move the place to eat cooked food and even heat, in case of hot spots cold.

– Microwave ovens use low frequency electromagnetic waves, so it is easy to penetrate paper, wood, porcelain, porcelain and glass. more food, less power consumption. In contrast, this wave is not absorbed by the metal, it will be very strong reflection and spark, so avoid metal such as spoons, dishes, bowls decorated with metal edges in the oven to avoid danger. for user.

– When cooking a lot of food, the electromagnetic waves do not affect all the food parts but directly into the food, leading to the thinning of the thin layer on the outside and the heat inside is caused by heat. , so should not cook the whole volume but should be small enough. Especially, if the egg in the microwave oven shell does not heat up but the white and yolk absorb very strong electromagnetic waves, the hot flashes the egg.


20 kitchen-smart parents must posses to the kitchen more convenient

Under development day a non-stop, the kitchen appliances were also upgraded to a new level, not only bring maximum results in women when cooking, but also save time, kitchen area and even more lovely. Together find out which are the kitchen appliances intelligent home!

1. Machine rolls

This is probably the tool that all housewives are keen to have in your kitchen. Machine rolls quick convenience, you just put all the ingredients in and pull the instrument had immediately swept the ball beautifully, definitely.

2. Supplies peel fruits and tubers

Ergonomically designed with a rotating shaft and paring knife will help you save time and avoid cuts when peeled fruits, tubers.

3. Chopping enclosed wash basket

We will not finish the vegetable on cutting board to get carried away wash basket. The combination between the furniture and cutting boards cutting a side of the basket to wash after cutting finished just skip basketball and wash only. This will help you easier to clean food and save more time.

4. Instruments corncob cup super fast

Instruments corncob cup is a perfect choice for women wanting to do the dishes from corn that do not have to separate each one kernel of corn. Just give in and take the mold is stressed corn were separated easily.

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5. Instruments Smart peeled pineapple.

Normally you have to spend the newly peeled fragrant aroma moderate eye cut, trim away the core, but also quite time consuming or cut yourself if not careful. For this reason, instruments fragrant peel advent bring convenience to you, just let instruments into the pineapple and cut that you have right pieces beautifully fragrant.

6. Cutting Tools Quick banana

Just peel bananas and put instruments into and publications that you have a right pieces neatly banana, beautiful and fast then.

7. Watermelon Cutting Tools Super Express

With simple design, easy to use with a few cuts are sisters had immediately cool watermelon pieces a mere 1 minute. While normally be cut in pieces, peel takes a lot of time, sometimes not pretty anymore.

8. Mold making fresh noodles at home

A tool quite useful and fast for the mother want to do all kinds of noodles big, small noodles, pho, noodles, … right at home. Stainless steel design with reliable, safe and clean, the house will enjoy even noodle quality without having to buy outside goods .

9. Hopper pouring pancake

with this tool, you can measure a powder easy, precise and more professional.

10. Vacuum excess grease

Catchers excess grease with grease withdraw function in food thanks to its frozen mode. You only need to plant in the refrigerator, then use the machine to remove surface fat in food.

11. Tightening tool into guarding pot spoon

This is probably the tool that you yearn to avoid spillage while tasting food. Texture mouth fastened on the pot, you just hang spoon / spatula up after tasting the food negligent crashing out in my hand and no longer burns.

12. Machine versatile cooking Xpress Redi Set Go JC-A1E

This is a modern kitchen and more convenient for families. Machine not only bake but also fried, fried, steamed, boiled … done with all the dishes. At the same time the machine also has the air purifier, the kitchen will not smell after use. If you want to organize a party without spending too much time cooking, this is the perfect gift for you.

13. Price upside down cups, chopsticks convenient enclosed drainage tray

Prices above are designed to be part of the basket to face bowls, trays below the water easily escapes and bowls fast drain. Map It is convenient when negligent washed water will flow around the kitchen utensils.

14. Prices for convenient hanging refrigerator

With the design of this bracket, you can take advantage of an area of excess side refrigerator to hook rack, saving space, just a place to multiple map: Family you, clingwrap, gloves kitchen, … it was nothing.

15. Cutting Tools butter

Butter is the time ripe for butter soft toughest, when hand cutting and stamping very crushed avocado flesh. Because understand this mind of sisters that the cutting tool butter born, just slice the avocado, then use light pressure instruments that had been thrown sq avocado pieces, beautifully.

16. Instruments Roll Sushi / kimbap

You want to enjoy Japanese sushi dishes kimbap rolls or Korean but not beautiful book and or broken. Do not worry had swept tools kimbap / sushi with simple how quickly you’ve got now famous delicacies of both countries already.

17. Key Tool Bag

This instrument is very convenient when you do not eat snacks and do not want to pack it IU, or you want to pack the food bags to sort mouth, just put up and pull instruments is bag was sealed then.

18. Plates shot against grease

when frying oil is often thrown around the kitchen and the kitchen walls do you have to spend the cleanup. With grease fire resistant panels will no longer worry anymore haphazard firing oil.

19. Shears cutting board combines intelligent
You will not get any knife cutting board flexibility of the glass yet

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