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How to make simple Crepe cake

Crepe Crepe Material

In order to make French-style Crepe Crepes, indispensable ingredients are:

Wheat flour: Depending on how you prepare the cake for how many people eat, the amount of flour will also be prepared accordingly. Normally a Crepe for one person will use between 200 and 250 grams of flour.

How to make simple Crepe cake 1

Chicken Eggs: Chicken eggs are used to mix with flour to form cake. We will need about 3 eggs for 200 grams of flour.

Fresh milk: Fresh milk is also used to mix with flour mixture, egg to form cake. We will need about half a liter of fresh milk to make a cake for one person to eat.

Sugar, white, butter, a little salt.

How to make Crepe past simple steps

Step 1: Mix the flour

Give the prepared portion with a little salt in a large bowl or large container, then beat the egg and beat well. Note that when you hit the eggs you need to hit the hand to powder is not lumps and smooth.

How to make simple Crepe cake 2

Then pour the prepared fresh milk into the egg white mixture and continue to beat until a smooth liquid mixture is obtained. After mixing, place the dough in a place for 30 minutes so that the ingredients in the mix are soaked.

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Step 2: Make the cake

After nearly 30 minutes of silage, pan over the stove, cook until hot. Then, you spread a little butter on the surface and evenly so that the butter on the surface, pour the avocados left over a small bowl.

How to make simple Crepe cake 3

After completing this step, take the pan out of the kitchen and draw a spoonful of flour prepared in a pan, tilt the pan evenly so that the powder is spread evenly. Then, pan over the stove and cook with the smallest flame until golden brown. Use the spoon to flip over and fry the remaining gold.

After the cake has ripe, you lift and quickly roll back in the shape of your favorite triangle, rectangular or curled … You continue to do the same with the remaining powder.

How to make simple Crepe cake 4

In the process of making and enjoying Crepe, you can prepare some of your favorite cakes to roll with or spread evenly on the cake surface such as fresh fruits (strawberries, kiwi, apples …) green vegetables (spinach, lettuce, cucumber) or spread on the surface of cream cake, chocolate or coffee …

How to make delicious pancake “thousand people love”

About Pancake Cake

The name Pancake is the name given to the way people make this kind of cake – a cake made from pans. This is a very easy to make cake, no need for sophisticated materials or complicated tools. Pancake is a great source of energy for the whole family every morning or late afternoon.

make delicious pancake 1

Materials to prepare when making pancake

Wheat flour: Depending on how much you intend to make, you will prepare the right amount of flour accordingly. Normally if you make a person eat you need about 100 grams of flour is suitable.

Eggs: You prepare about 2 small eggs for 1 person

Fresh milk: You can choose from sugar-free or sugar-free milk, or ice cream or fruit

Salt, baking powder, corn flour

Butter, olive oil

make delicious pancake 2

How to make pancake

Step 1: Mix the flour

Add the prepared flour to a large bowl to ensure that the flour is not thrown out. Next you give about ½ teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of cornmeal and about 1 / 10th of a teaspoon of salt in flour bowl. Mix well the prepared powder mixture.

Beat two chicken eggs into the dough mixture and beat well. Pay attention to stir and stir to ensure that the flour is not lumps. Once you have beaten the eggs, you slowly add fresh milk to the island until you get a good paste.

make delicious pancake 3

Finally, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the flour mixture and stir. Finally, wrap it and let the mixture cool down for about 30 minutes.

Step 2: Bake the cake

Prepare a non-stick pan (You can use the pan has a circular shape or a conventional pan), then put on the stove to turn small fire to heat pan.

Then you scoop each spoonful of flour (using spoonfuls of soup) to the gold. Turn the cake back and continue to wipe the remaining gold.

Do the same with the remaining powder.

make delicious pancake 4

Step 3: Pinch the cake

Once you have baked the golden cake, you put out and spread a little butter on the surface. Next you stack the next cake and then continue to spread the butter. Do the same until you feel it handles (usually 4-5 cakes overlap)

In addition to avocados, you can also prepare other items such as fresh fruits, a slice of green vegetables or ice cream optional.

Make traditional Tiramisu cake is very simple

Tiramisu cake is a perfect combination of ingredients such as coffee, eggs, ice cream, cheese, sugar, vanilla etc. and many other ingredients depending on the Tiramisu you want to make.

Tiramisu is one of the desserts loved by young people today. Tiramisu cake is an Italian pastry, famous not only for its rich flavor but also for its eye-catching cake decor.

Tiramisu cake is not as complicated as you think. You can make good desserts right at your kitchen without experiencing any difficulties. This article will guide you how to make some traditional Tiramisu cake is extremely attractive young people most selected.

Make traditional Tiramisu cake is very simple 1

How to make Tiramisu Champagne

Main ingredients should be prepared

Black coffee: 480g

Rum: 120ml

Eggs: 3 eggs (best to use chicken eggs to increase flavor and nutritional value of the cake).

Road 70g

Cheese: 250g

Creamy freesia: 300ml

1 bag of cat’s tongue and cacao powder

Make traditional Tiramisu cake is very simple 2

How to make Tiramisu Ginseng – Panh

Step 1: Mix black coffee powder and rum together, leaving a separate bowl.

Step 2: Separate egg yolk and egg whites; then simmer egg yolk and sugar in another bowl; Then add the cheese, fresh cream and beat until mixture mixed together to stop.

Step 3: Beat egg whites in another bowl.

Step 4: Quickly dip the champagne into a mix of coffee and rum, then place the cake in the mold and spread the egg yolk + sugar + cheese + cream on the cake; Repeat many times to have many layers of cake.

Step 5: Cover the cream from the egg whites on the top of the cake; then sprinkle cocoa powder. When finished put the cake in the fridge for 2-3 hours can eat.

Make traditional Tiramisu cake is very simple 3

How to make a cream cake Tiramisu Pho Mat

Main ingredients should be prepared

Eggs: 2 fruits

Cheese: 100g

Sugar: 100g

Powdered vanilla: 2 tubes

2 teaspoons pure

Rum: 3 teaspoons

Cats tongue: 20 pcs

Cocoa powder

Steps to make Tiramisu Cream Cheese Mat

Step 1: Separate egg yolk and egg whites; Then add 50g sugar to egg whites.

Step 2: Steam the sugar mixture and egg yolk. When the water boils open, mix the mixture to prevent the steamed mixture from becoming diluted. Boil until the mixture turns the milky color off the stove; Then add the cheese and vanilla to the mix.

Step 3: Add the remaining 50g + 4 ½ lemon into the egg white bowl; Then beat the mixture into white cream.

Step 4: Whisk all the white cream from egg whites, stirring well with the egg yolk until the cream is gone.

Make traditional Tiramisu cake is very simple 4

Step 5: Quickly dip cats into coffee, then spread them into trays or blisters; Spread the cream mixture on top of each layer; Finally, cover the cake. Then sprinkle the cocoa powder on the cake and let the cooler.

How to make Tiramisu Fruit Cake

Material to be prepared

  • 300ml whipping cream
  • 250g cheese
  • 15 cat cakes
  • 40 g of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • 150ml pure orange juice
  • 1 cup dried coconut

The steps to make Tiramisu fruit cake

Step 1: Peeled long thin peach

Step 2: Mix whipping cream + cheese + vanilla sugar. Mix the cotton and smooth the eggs to mix the mixture.

Step 3: Fasten the cat’s tongue into pure orange juice.

Step 4: Put the cake in the tray, then cover the cake on the cake; Then go to mango and finally sprinkle coconut on the top.

How to cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home

Kenji is one of the most popular Korean dishes. However, there are many Vietnamese who love this dish.

Especially with cold weather together with spicy hot and spicy kim chi, no one can refuse the delicious kimchi soup appeared in every meal with family. Have you ever been looking for a recipe to learn how to cook this kimchi soup?

Cooking ingredients of kimchi

Kimchi herbs: 200g (you can buy in supermarkets).

Triple meat: 200g.

Tofu: 2 covers.

Green onion, onion.



cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home 1

How to cook Korean kimchi soup

Process materials

– You scoop the leaves, picking up roots, rinsing and chopping into small pieces. Remove purple peel, clean and chopped.

cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home 2

– Pork is washed, drained and cut into thin pieces to eat.

– Kimchi herbs you squeeze dry out and chopped water

– Tofu you put into pieces of small square to eat, length about 2cm.

Korean kimchi soup

– Put the pot on the stove, then serve the oil and the chopped mustard is prepared on top of the pineapple. After that, continue to put the meat into fried cooked and kimchi poured into the island hand to kimchi oil, continue to pour water (pour the water surface) and boil.

cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home 3

– You boil until boiling water, tofu to pour and stir well, light hands to not be beaten.

– Wait for the pot to boil slightly light and then see if the kimchi is enough or not enough (if not enough you can add) if enough then you put the green onion in the pot, lightly hand and off the kitchen.

– Finally, you put kimchi pot down and then bowl out and can decorate as you like to make the soup more attractive.

That is the kimchi soup is finished. Learn how to cook this delicious korean soup today to make your family enjoy each meal at the restaurant!

How to mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade

How to mix lemon juice, the secret to get the best lemon juice to quench heat, rehydration and minerals to the body in the simple steps below. The materials and processes you need to note include.

How to mix lime stone sugar tradition

Prepare materials

Fresh lemons: 2 fruits

Diameter: 5 tablespoons

Water tablets

Steps taken

Step 1: Slow down the lime juice

Rinse the lemon and apply the lemon on the flat surface. This step helps you get more lemon juice. Once done, cut the lemons horizontally and squeeze the whole juice, removing the seeds.

mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade 1

Once you have the lime juice, put the diameter into the pan and stir. Leave the sugar and lemon for 5 minutes to soak. In the meantime, you can cut another lemon into thin slices to decorate.

Step 2: Mix lemon juice with sugar

Gradually add the water to the lemon juice. Use chopsticks or spatula until the sugar dissolves. Adjust the sour / sweet taste of lemon juice to your liking. Add ice cold and enjoy the traditional lemonade.

How to mix lemon juice mint

Prepare materials

Diameter: 2 tablespoons

Mint: 2 branches

Lemon juice: 4 tablespoons

Coconut water: 250 ml

Coconut milk: 50 ml

Mix lime mint coconut

mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade 2

Reduce diameter with lemon juice for 5 minutes. Next, slowly add coconut water and coconut milk to the mixture. Stir sugar to dissolve. Finally, you put the two branches of mint in the same. Add ice cubes and enjoy lemon mint juice.

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How to mix green lemon juice

Prepare materials

Water filter: 2 cups

Green tea: 1 bag

Honey: 2 tablespoons

Fresh lemons: 1 fruit

Cinnamon: 1 small piece

Steps to make lemon tea green

Add 2 cups of water to the pot and slowly boil. In the meantime, you shovel some of the lemon peel and add to the water pot. After the boiling water, you drop the cinnamon into the joint. Boil water for about another minute and turn off the stove.

mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade 3

Drop tea bags into boiling water and soak for 3 – 5 minutes for tea infiltration. After the above time, you pour the tea through the filter to get clear water, remove the lemon and cinnamon. Finally, you mix 2 tablespoons honey into lemon tea, add ice and then enjoy.

How to mix honey lemon juice

Prepare materials

Water filter: 1 cup

Lemon juice peach honey: 3 tablespoons

Cold stone: 3 – 4 tablets

Steps taken

Dissolve 3 tablespoons of honey lemon peaches with water to filter for real. Adjust the acidity / sweetness of lemon juice to your liking. After mixing, add ice cubes, stir well and enjoy.

mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade 4

How to mix salt with lemon

Prepare materials

Salt Lemon: 1 fruit

Honey: 1 tablespoon

Diameter: 1 tablespoon

Salt and lime juice: 1 – 2 tablespoons

Water filter: 1 cyclone

Steps of mixing lemon juice

First, cut the lemonade salt into 4-6 pieces and put in the cup. Next, add the sugar, honey and lemon juice and then beat for real. Soak this mixture for 5 minutes.

mix lemon juice with the five most common lemonade 5

After the juice has been bottled, you dissolve the filtered water beforehand. Stir to the sugar – lemon melt thoroughly together. Finally, add ice or some mint leaves and enjoy.

Lemon juice is the most popular drink in every weather, hot summer. A glass of lemon juice with ice will help cool the effect, compensate for the loss of water for the body. Therefore, the way to mix lemon juice will help you not only get the glass of lemon juice but also ensure the maintenance of essential minerals.

9 Note When using the stove to avoid having graphics

Gas stove is a familiar device when cooking, but many potential immeasurable scourge that you have to be wary. To avoid unintended problems encountered please note the following: article 9

1. Pedestal stove is made of non-combustible material

Stove shelves to absolutely not made or decorated with flammable material because the fire from gas in the process of cooking is very easy to contact with this material and causing fire and explosion hazard if you do not promptly extinguished the fire.

2. Replace gas pipeline after 3-5 years

Gas pipes special is “sensitive” parts prone to leaks, so good for after 3 to 5 years, you should use the replacement even if they have yet to have any problems.

3. Regular stove, toilet

Kitchen hygiene and use regular gas. You should replace the new kitchen if the old kitchen was rust, poor quality. Usually the cause of the gas blast happened when gas leaking due to average shell puncture, open valves, wire being the mouse bite …

4. Use correct size pot kitchen

The use of the type of pot, Pan sizes too big compared to the size of the kitchen also is one of the risk of causing fire and explosion. When the maximum level of heat, the ring of fire will spill out wide, diffuse gas in the deep down below, gas heat, increasing the risk of fire, do not ensure safety, especially with the mini gas stove.

5. Periodically check the gas stove and the relevant equipment

With gas cookers, periodic checking is not to be missed, to timely detect problems that can cause hazard fire. You can use the soapy water lather into the casing, valves, gas tube, if found to have bubble rise abnormally, it may leak, about 2 times a month.

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6. Do not use gas tanks travel be reloaded

There are many explosive fires were recorded in tourism caused by the stove, the main cause is due to the average ga loaded, transfer several times, not rules, caused the accident hazard.

7. Note When gas leak detection

In particular, when the discovery of strange signs such as smell characteristic of the station is at the deadly dangers are lurking around you. By this is at only a small electric spark as turn electrical appliances like lights, fans, mobile phones … can also do burn great.

Once there, you need to open the door for ventilation to gas himself flying out, close the gas source immediately. When a small fire occurs, if there is no fire extinguisher, use thick cloth or blanket water covered with extinguishing the fire, quickly evacuated the family and called the fire department.

8. gas Weirs in ventilation, gas stove way at least 1-1.5 m

Put gas in ventilation as near the window, underneath the kitchen cabinet seats to gas tanks should to glimpse. Gas tanks must be within the stove from 1 to 1.5 m, absolutely not right under the stove. Cabinet door set gas tanks must always be open, or really for ease of observation, to avoid the mouse into the nest or gnaw pipes. In addition, the average ga near to put the upright, electric drives and power was at least a meter.

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9. gas valve after cooking is finished

This is the most important operation to avoid a fire, explosion, but at least the family in mind. Some people have the habit after cooking, just off the kitchen’s it is not enough that need gas valve immediately. The fact there are many cases of gas tanks, gas valve key not always spill out of wire, a long time or overnight wire being the mouse bites, the gas will leak out, met the spark will cause a fire, not hand up.

Please note and eliminate habits on if you are using a gas stove daily. Just do not harm the family health to help you fire.