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These essential items in the kitchen

Life making increasingly rush job cooking on more of usability. Just shopping widgets versatile and useful below you can significantly save time on cooking.

With rice cooker rice cooker, you just take the pot to about 30 minutes is already hot rice pot. Automatic functions of this device helps you not watch that can make time for other items.

Refrigerator One of the basic equipment that a modern day housewife shopping for the kitchen to make sure the refrigerator is indispensable. It helps to store frozen meat, fish … you buy for the week, keep foodstuffs fresh and preserved food surplus.

Kitchen dresser is a paradise for billions of sundry things from spices, dishes, cutlery, cups, canned food … If not tidied and science, you will spend a lot time to find what you need. The chest of drawers with drawers will help you keep things neat hand and taken away whenever.

Microwave According to scientists, a microwave saves to ¾ time daily cooking. In addition to defrost, you can also cook many other simple dishes with ovens as boiled vegetables, cooked sticky rice, grilled shrimp, grilled fish, baking, dishes … Function warehouse reheating food help housewives have even a hot dinner for the whole family with food already cooked.

Washer chenDung this tool helps housewives saving considerable cleanup time and ensure the dishes are always dry and clean. Depending on the needs of the family you choose the type of dishwasher simple or complex. Dishwashers with multiple drawers will help you save water when the cup less.

Cleaning fluid The fluid hygienic kitchen as dishwashing liquid concentrate reducing clean smell, bacteria, cream cleanser stains versatile can be removed even stubborn stains will help your kitchen clean will, shiny without spending a lot of time to protect clean, clean. Me Sanitation daily or every other day to stains without accumulation and always sparkling clean kitchen.

Kitchen oven With many large families, replace the gas stove 2 oven kitchen familiar with multiple ovens can cook many dishes at the same time will reduce your downtime.

Peeling vegetables instruments peeled or cut fibers The simpler and faster thanks to the versatile instrument.

Pylons Pylons many mocLap add a hook to hang many items such as pots, baskets, assorted large patch … This not only saves storage space, but also helps the cooking easier.

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Box of plastic bags and plastic bags to help you break down the amount of food needed each time. Box sets used in the microwave can be used to contain marinated foods available, food leftovers when stored in the refrigerator. It does not cause odor of the cabinet and easily reheated in the microwave without moving through a different cup.

Stopwatch Pretty much your time is wasted for soup soup pot stew, porridge pot or dish stock … Just bought a timer, you can spend that time to do other things in kitchen and still not afraid of their disabilities or forgotten ruin good food.

Nonstick pan Almost every day you use the pan to cook the food. Nonstick skillet cooking saves time, more delicious food but also the toilet then it’s easy.

Electronic measuring instruments luongCan, the cup, measuring spoon to help you get the exact amount of material quickly to the dish.

Ventilation system this device limiting odors and help the space in the kitchen always cool ventilation. Clean airy kitchen save time cleaning up and feels comfortable for you when doing kitchen.

Pressure cooker, pressure cooker brewed pot reduce cooking time the porridge, stew, soup in a significant way. With the pot, you can cook on the previous evening and then incubated again. The food will be ready the next morning.

12 utensils with innovative design makes you infatuated

We firmly believe that housewives will “infatuated” dishes utensils and accessories for the kitchen right from the first sight .  Can not deny the utility that the accessories and tools are designed more for creative kitchen. It not only saves time and energy but also ensure safety as well as for the introduction of the beautiful city of homemaker.

Here are 12 useful kitchen tools that we believe make anyone yearn to own them for your kitchen more beautiful and comfortable day.

This meat grip tool helps you to create the perfect, cut slices evenly and more special is not to worry about dirty hands when the operation. The product is made of durable stainless steel.


It’s great when you can afford to boiling water different kinds of pasta in the same pot of water. It also helps you get out of the pot without fear of heat by the handle insulation. A set of 4 cost around

Versatile clamp help you bring chicken, duck, … out of the oven without fear of burns. It also quickly chopped pieces of meat instead of a knife, fork. In addition, you also use them to mix salad

The circular molds are made of stainless steel with intelligent design to you divide the pie into more pieces gato equal circles in the “blink of an eye”.

You never make grilled meatballs? Now you can try this with a blister formed. Just stuffed into the small compartment, cover and bake in the kitchen is already been finished are beautiful.

This lovely flower was designed as a pot lid, hang up the tools when the boiling liquid to create steam, the pinwheel-like petals will turn very beautiful eyes

Apron “multi-zi-energy” detachable two parts will surely make you loved by its usability. You just use to hygiene, both can be used as towels as needed