How to cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home

Kenji is one of the most popular Korean dishes. However, there are many Vietnamese who love this dish.

Especially with cold weather together with spicy hot and spicy kim chi, no one can refuse the delicious kimchi soup appeared in every meal with family. Have you ever been looking for a recipe to learn how to cook this kimchi soup?

Cooking ingredients of kimchi

Kimchi herbs: 200g (you can buy in supermarkets).

Triple meat: 200g.

Tofu: 2 covers.

Green onion, onion.



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How to cook Korean kimchi soup

Process materials

– You scoop the leaves, picking up roots, rinsing and chopping into small pieces. Remove purple peel, clean and chopped.

cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home 2

– Pork is washed, drained and cut into thin pieces to eat.

– Kimchi herbs you squeeze dry out and chopped water

– Tofu you put into pieces of small square to eat, length about 2cm.

Korean kimchi soup

– Put the pot on the stove, then serve the oil and the chopped mustard is prepared on top of the pineapple. After that, continue to put the meat into fried cooked and kimchi poured into the island hand to kimchi oil, continue to pour water (pour the water surface) and boil.

cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home 3

– You boil until boiling water, tofu to pour and stir well, light hands to not be beaten.

– Wait for the pot to boil slightly light and then see if the kimchi is enough or not enough (if not enough you can add) if enough then you put the green onion in the pot, lightly hand and off the kitchen.

– Finally, you put kimchi pot down and then bowl out and can decorate as you like to make the soup more attractive.

That is the kimchi soup is finished. Learn how to cook this delicious korean soup today to make your family enjoy each meal at the restaurant!


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