How to make pure rose water at home

Rose water has long been your beloved product in the beauty of home skin care. The products outside the market often contain high alcohol content so the sisters want to make their own roses at home.

Ingredients for rose water include:

  • 10 fresh roses
  • 1 bowl of water
  • A plate of porcelain
  • 1 bowl of porcelain
  • 1 cup of salt water
  • 1 stone tray
  • 1 pot covered

One dark plastic container for rose water (100ml)

How to make pure rose water at home 1

How to make rose water as follows

Step 1: Break the rose petals, pick the fresh and healthy petals, discard the petals are stamping, withering. Since the roses in the row are spraying, it is best to wash the petals thoroughly with salt water and put them in a drain pan.

Step 2: Place the fork in the pot, put the bowl on the plate so that the dish and ceramic bowl in the middle of the pot. Pour water into the pot so that the water level is not high in the bowl. Release the rose petals into the pot, cover up the opposite. Turn the boiler on. Put the stones on the pot.

The reason for this is that when the water is boiling, the roses and the air rise up, the cold temperature from the lid of the pot will condense and flow down to the porcelain bowl placed below. The back cover will help you get more rose water.

How to make pure rose water at home 2

Step 3: When the pot boiling water, you turn down the fire, wait until the stone on the pot of water, the water in the pot is also close to the kitchen. You open the pot, the water in the bowl of porcelain is the rose – the product you created after the process.

You pour the rose water into the prepared container, remember to seal off the fragrance will affect the quality of rose water. Wait for the cooler and place it in the freezer.

How to make pure rose water at home 3

How to use rosemary yourself do the right way as follows

In addition to helping women skin beauty, increase moisture, astringent pores, it also helps women exfoliate, remove makeup, make skin more bright and rosy. . To properly use rose water, please note the following:

  • Use cotton remover permeated with rosewater when cleansing or use to clean your face instead of using rose water directly on your face because too much water will make your skin sensitive, rash itchy. skin irritation.
  • After applying the rose water to the face, you should only pat the rose to penetrate better, not too strong flapping, affecting the sensitive skin.

How to make pure rose water at home 4

  • Use rose water after cleansing to cleanse your face, tighten pores or remove makeup before cleansing.
  • Morning wake up, sebaceous glands secreted during sleep will make your face more easily dusty, you can use rose water to cleanse the face, reduce acne attacks. Use rose water regularly twice a day: morning after waking up and before bedtime to have a brighter and rosy complexion.
  • With rose water products on the outside, there are often preservatives so many sisters to make rose water at the dressing table. But with home-made rosemary no preservative, you should put it in the refrigerator to keep the rose water moist, to keep the light from falling and to keep the incense from flying away.


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