How to make simple Crepe cake

Crepe Crepe Material

In order to make French-style Crepe Crepes, indispensable ingredients are:

Wheat flour: Depending on how you prepare the cake for how many people eat, the amount of flour will also be prepared accordingly. Normally a Crepe for one person will use between 200 and 250 grams of flour.

How to make simple Crepe cake 1

Chicken Eggs: Chicken eggs are used to mix with flour to form cake. We will need about 3 eggs for 200 grams of flour.

Fresh milk: Fresh milk is also used to mix with flour mixture, egg to form cake. We will need about half a liter of fresh milk to make a cake for one person to eat.

Sugar, white, butter, a little salt.

How to make Crepe past simple steps

Step 1: Mix the flour

Give the prepared portion with a little salt in a large bowl or large container, then beat the egg and beat well. Note that when you hit the eggs you need to hit the hand to powder is not lumps and smooth.

How to make simple Crepe cake 2

Then pour the prepared fresh milk into the egg white mixture and continue to beat until a smooth liquid mixture is obtained. After mixing, place the dough in a place for 30 minutes so that the ingredients in the mix are soaked.

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Step 2: Make the cake

After nearly 30 minutes of silage, pan over the stove, cook until hot. Then, you spread a little butter on the surface and evenly so that the butter on the surface, pour the avocados left over a small bowl.

How to make simple Crepe cake 3

After completing this step, take the pan out of the kitchen and draw a spoonful of flour prepared in a pan, tilt the pan evenly so that the powder is spread evenly. Then, pan over the stove and cook with the smallest flame until golden brown. Use the spoon to flip over and fry the remaining gold.

After the cake has ripe, you lift and quickly roll back in the shape of your favorite triangle, rectangular or curled … You continue to do the same with the remaining powder.

How to make simple Crepe cake 4

In the process of making and enjoying Crepe, you can prepare some of your favorite cakes to roll with or spread evenly on the cake surface such as fresh fruits (strawberries, kiwi, apples …) green vegetables (spinach, lettuce, cucumber) or spread on the surface of cream cake, chocolate or coffee …


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