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More than ever, today’s kitchens are the centers of our homes, We gather with friends and family in these intimate spaces to enjoy culinary delights and partake in meaningful conversations. We feel a connection and sense of comfort in the kitchen environment that allows us to express ourselves naturally.

In an effort to help you create living spaces in your home, Kohler is proud to introduce a wide array of innovative kitchen products, KOHLER[R] Cast Iron sinks with Smart Divide[TM], Undertone, stainless steel sinks with a D-bowl shape, and the unique, textural Sea Salt color, as well as new finishes and accessories, offer exceptional performance, design versatility and added convenience.

Forte[R] kitchen faucets, available in high spout and pullout models with a Vibrant[R] Stainless finish, maximize functionality for food preparation and cleanup tasks. The new HiRise[TM] pot filler, reminiscent of commercial-grade cooktops and ranges, enhances flexibility for home chefs. From workstations worthy of a professional to more traditional configurations, our leading-edge products help create the perfect kitchen.


Featuring a textured, three-dimensional color, Sea Salt combines neutral KOHLER colors and organic materials to give it unique depth and character. This sophisticated neutral color. available for kitchen and bathroom environments, offers versatile coordination with fixtures and appliances in complementary color palettes.

The new Smart Divide[TM] low-profile basin divider is designed to add convenience and functionality in the kitchen. Half the height of conventional dividers, this innovation provides more clearance for cleaning large pots and pans. Featured on Iron/Tones[TM] and Langlade[TM] cast iron sinks, Smart Divide successfully bridges the gap between form and function, proving that less is sometimes more in kitchen sink design.

A. Iron/Tones Smart Divide K-6625-FF undercounter kitchen sink in Sea Salt and bottom basin racks K-6058 ST/K-6059-ST and Vinnata[R] K-690-BV kitchen sink faucet with pull down spray in Vibrant, Brushed Bronze.
B. Langlade Smart Divide K-6626-2-96 self-rimming kitchen sink in Biscuit and Vinnata K-690-BV kitchen sink faucet with pull-down spray and Wellspring[TM] K-6666-BV beverage faucet in Vibrant Brushed Bronze.
C. Langlade Smart Divide K-6626-6U-R1 undercounter kitchen sink in Roussillon[TM] Red.
D. Dickinson[TM] K-6546-4U-KC undercounter kitchen sink in Vapour, Blue and Clairette[R] K-692-G kitchen sink faucet with pull-down spray in Brushed Chrome.
E. Woodfield[TM] K-5805-4U-Y2 undercounter kitchen sink in Sunlight and Forte[R] K-10416-CP kitchen sink faucet and sidespray in Polished Chrome.
F. Deerfield[TM] K-5815-5U-96 undercounter kitchen sink in Biscuit with Coralais[R] K-15160-CP kitchen sink faucet with pullout spray, sidespray and K-9619-CP soap/lotion dispenser in Polished Chrome.

G. Delafield[TM] K-5817-4-47 self-rimming kitchen sink in Almond and Forte K-10430-BV kitchen sink faucet with remote valve and K-9619-BV soap/lotion dispenser in Vibrant Brushed Bronze.
The gentle curves of Undertone[TM] kitchen sinks with a D-bowl shape feature a graceful flowing aesthetic that enables kitchen tasks to be performed with ease. Crafted of 18-gauge stainless steel with a generous 9 1/2-inch depth, these sinks offer exceptional durability and maximize usable basin space. Available in a variety of configuration options with a Brushed Satin finish, new Undertone sinks highlight the appeal of solid-surface countertops and create stylish, highly functional workspaces.

PRO TaskSink[TM] sinks eliminate the boundaries of kitchen task areas for preparation, cooking and cleanup. The sleek, 39-inch configurations of these highly durable, 18-gauge stainless steel sinks lend commercial appeal to hardworking residential kitchens.

By reversing the configuration of several popular Undertone, kitchen sinks, homeowners have more options to create functional, user-friendly prep and cleanup areas, These sinks offer” a generous basin depth of 9 1/2 inches to provide added utility in the kitchen.

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A. Undertone K-3185 NA extra-large undercounter kitchen sink with D-Bowl shape, bottom basin racks K 2994-ST/K-2995-ST and K-2989 NA universal cutting board. Clairette[R] K-692 CP kitchen sink faucet with pull-down spray in Polished Chrome.
B. Undertone K-3185-NA extra-large undercounter kitchen sink with D Bowl shape and Forte, K-10433 VS kitchen sink faucet with pullout spray in Vibrant[R] Stainless.
C. PRO TaskSink K-3374 3-NA high/low countertop kitchen sink, hardwood cutting board K-3138-NA and ProAvatar[TM] K-6340-CP kitchen sink faucet with pullout spray in Polished Chrome.
D. Undertone K-3148-NA double equal undercounter kitchen sink with D Bowl shape and K-2997-ST/K-2998 ST bottom basin racks. Fairfax[R] K-12231-CP kitchen sink faucet in Polished Chrome.
E. Undertone K-3355-L-NA high/low undercounter kitchen sink and Avatar[TM] K-6350-B4 kitchen sink faucet in Vibrant Brushed Nickel with front lever handle and pullout spray in Vibrant Polished Nickel.
F. Undertone K-3099-NA high/low undercounter kitchen sink with D-Bowl shape and Avatar K-6350 B4 kitchen sink faucet in Vibrant Brushed Nickel with front lever handle and pullout spray in Vibrant Polished Nickel.

G. Undertone K-3166-L-NA triple-basin undercounter stainless steel kitchen sink and ProAvatar K-6340-CP kitchen sink faucet with pullout spray and Wellspring[TM] K-6665-F-CP beverage faucet in Polished Chrome.
Forte pullout and high-spout faucets offer versatile functionality and efficiency in the kitchen. With a spout height of 8 11/16 inches and a reach of 10 1/8 inches, the Forte faucet with pullout spray maximizes flexibility for a variety of preparation or cleanup tasks. And the new Forte high-spout faucet, with its simple curves, features a best-in-class spout reach and height that ensure added workspace for large containers. Its remote valve allows users to move the spout with one hand while operating the handle to control water flow and temperature with the other.

Inspired by professional cooktops and ranges, the HiRise[TM] kitchen pot filler provides commercial-grade utility for home chefs. Its tubular design and up to 24-inch overall reach enhance functionality and convenience by alleviating the need to lean over the cooking area, and double quarter turn ceramic disc valves ensure reliable on/off operation. The HiRise kitchen pot filler is designed for a wall-mount installation, and a deck-mount version is available for island or remodel installations.


A. and B. Forte[R] K-10433-VS kitchen faucet with pullout spray in Vibrant[R] Stainless.

The new Vibrant Stainless finish coordinates well with cast iron sinks and complements kitchens that feature stainless steel sinks and appliances.
C. Forte K-10430-BN kitchen sink faucet with remote valve in Vibrant Brushed Nickel
D. Fairfax[R] K-12231-BN two-handle kitchen sink faucet in Vibrant Brushed Nickel.
E. Fairfax K-12185-CP kitchen sink faucet with remote valve in Polished Chrome.
The Fairfax faucet line now includes a two-handle model, as well as a remote valve faucet, to provide added convenience and versatility in the kitchen.

F. HiRise K-7323 4-BS deck mount pot filler in Brushed Stainless.
G. HiRise K-7322-4-BS wall mount pot filler in Brushed Stainless.


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