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(Function () {(“Review-App-page-Desktop”);}); Helper is a wonderful piece of software that works as an Add-on to your browser. Once installed use services that normally require more manual effort to use to instantly provide download links for videos and other media on social networking sites. It adds these instant downloads to global websites such as YouTube or Facebook, as well as many popular sites in Russia.

Cross Helper supports a large number of websites with its download features, but not all. You will find Facebook YouTube and Twitter offered with LiveJournal an older and less popular platform these days. If you live or work in Russia just about every website, you may think is supported: There are more Russian websites on the list than not. However, some other popular sites are not supported as TUMBLR. Some of the sites have also put the download link in different places of each other sometimes as a small icon that can be annoying.

From the Web and to your help makes life easy for people who often see GIF files and videos while browsing their timeline that they want to keep for good or maybe use as reaction images. As long as the websites you mainly use are supported and you’re willing to take some time to get used to it, there’s nothing wrong with saying about


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