Top 3 Best Antique faucets Reviews – Complete Guide 2019

There are many types of faucets now available on the market. And there is one type of faucet which is antique faucet. Antique faucet is made for people who want a vintage style home. But it is quite hard to find the most suitable antique faucets for your bathroom. Here are some reviews about some of the best for you.

Moen S713WR Waterhill Two-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet Wrought Iron

The high price of this antique faucet is worth it because of its quality, appearance and durability. These antique faucets are made of black matted iron which gives the faucets a reminiscent appearance of Victorian period. Moreover, there are some others choices of materials such as stainless steel, chrome or oil-rubber bronze which are cheaper than the black matted iron one.

Not only does this antique faucet have beautiful appearance, but it is also of high quality. For example, if your house has problems with water source and the pressure is low, this antique faucet allows the flow of water to be smooth and strong enough for any normal housework task. Furthermore, the design of this antique faucet is high-arc so you will have lot of space to work. And, this faucet is a two-handle one with lever rotates which increase the pressure of water and makes the flow of cold or hot water stronger. In addition, the spray and hydro lock quick connect system of this faucet is in the same side of the finish, which can snap lines of water without any tools.

To install this antique faucet, you need a 4-holes deck. But if you install it on a 2-holes one, you must give up the same side escutcheon and spray. In summary, this faucet will upgrade your kitchen and make it more charming and elegant.

Danze D404557AC Opulence Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray Antique Copper

This brand of antique faucets is also an expensive one, but with its high quality and beautiful appearance this antique faucet is a great choice for someone who wants a luxury kitchen.

It is an antique faucet with an antique copper finish made of heavy-pattern brass. And as a two-handle faucet, this faucet has two handles, which can twist, allows you to control the temperature of water. Furthermore, it also has dish valve, which is made of ceramic, make the flow of water smoother and make sure there is no dripping water.

Matching bronze is the material of this antique faucet’s spray which is a pull-out one. And if you want to install this faucet you need a typical 4-hole deck mount. In addition, Danze antique faucets also have long duration life, so this beautiful Victorian antique faucet will make your kitchen more elegant and timeless

Moen S711WR Waterhill One-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet Wrought Iron

At the top of expensive faucets, Moen S711 is truly a great choice for your Victorian kitchen. First, its finish is made of iron black matte which makes it very unique and antique. Second, as a three-hole deck mount, this faucet is very easy to install. Moreover, its handle is a separate one and you can choose the most suitable level for each case.

Furthermore, the side spray of this antique faucet are separated and placed in the same side of the finish of this faucet. The flow of water is steady and smooth while the pressure of the water is preserved. In conclusions, this Victorian antique faucet definitely will bring your kitchen to the whole new level of luxury and elegance.

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