Top 6 best bar sink faucets Reviews – Complete Guide 2018

Food is one of the most important things of our life. Everybody wants to have delicious meals, so obviously, you need dishes and blows which need cleaning after using. If you need to wash them by hand, then there are a lot of types and styles of bar sink for you.  Basically, there are 6 types of bar sink faucets which bases on purpose and appearance.


1. Single handle Faucet

If you want to buy a single-handle faucet, make sure that the space between your sink and the backsplash or the wall is enough for the handle when you rotate it. Moreover, if your bar sink has additional sink hole, a sub nozzle or dispenser for soap may not be a good idea for your bar sink.


  • Pros: Not only is using a single-handle easy. But installing it also relatively easy too. Moreover, if you use a single-handle, it is saving more space than use a two-handle one.
  • Cons: Single-handle faucets usually do not have a feature which allows you to control the temperature of water like two-handle ones.

2. Two handle faucets

This kind of faucets have two handle which one is for hot water and the other one controls cold water. The sprayer is usually divided into two paths, and the handle can be part of the foundational board or divide mounted.


  • Pros: Two handles may support to have more features about temperature adjustment than single ones.
  • Cons: Install a two handles faucet is relatively hard. Furthermore, to adjust the water’s temperature, you need two hands to control two handles.

3. Pull Out and Pull-Down faucets

The spout of this types has connected with source of water by a hose, which allow it to move easier and farther. In addition, it is no need to worry about retracting the hose and spout because there is a counterweight hides under the sink to pull the hose and spout back into position neatly.


  • Pros: A pullout spout is dynamic. Especially, when you wash vegetables or clean your bar sink this feature will be very helpful and handy. The hose’s length is enough for the spout to reach everywhere nearby your sink.
  • Cons: If you don’t have a large sink, this faucet may not be the perfect choice.

4. Hand free faucets

Hand free faucets have an activator on the front of the hose which is relatively easy to locate. To activate the manual operation, you just need to cover the sensor with somethings than slide it out.


  • Pros: With high technology, this faucet is very convenient and clean. Activated it just by wave your hand to activate the sensor. As the results, when your hand are full, or dirty, no need to touch the handle.
  • Cons: Sensor in some model of hand free faucets are hided in some place that are not easy to locate. So, if you need to activate the faucet it will quite uncomfortable. Some models require you touch the faucet to activate the faucet and get the water flowing just in the spot you tap.

5. Pot-Filler Faucets

Relatively common in Europe restaurant’s kitchens, pot-filler faucets are now even popular with home kitchens. Wherever it is installed, deck or wall, it must be near the stove. And an arm which can move like a robot arm allows you to reach far spaces in your kitchen and can be arranged neatly.


  • Pros: Ease and convenience. When you cook with an oversized pot, with pot-filler faucets, there is no more matter if you need to move a big and heavy pots across your kitchen just for water.
  • Cons: To install this faucet, you must have a water source behind the stove. And, if you are just a normal cook, no need to have this faucet in your kitchen.

6. Bar Faucets

This faucet is designed for high-end kitchen which have an extra sink. Therefore, it will help you freeing up space at your main sink. Especially, when you have more then two cooks to do, two sinks with this faucet will be very helpful. If you have one, a smaller bar faucet, which match the faucet, is your choice.


  • Pros: Can change the temperature of water instantly by connected to the dispenser directly.
  • Cons: it can be cumbersome because the feature of this faucets makes you consider which you will use.

Hopefully, this article will help you.


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