What kind of blender should you buy in 2018?

As you know, blender is one of the household appliances in every kitchen, especially with families with children, the blender is indispensable. The role of blender is not controversial, but have you ever questioned what kind of blender is good? Or any good blender? This article will be with you to find out in detail what kind of blender best buy today – 2018.

In the beginning, let’s take a look at the core issues to choose from for a good blender for the home. It is important to evaluate that any blender that is good does not have to depend on your needs, not just price, design or material, design is sufficient.

What kind of blender should you buy in 2018?

Sorting Blender

In this section, consider what kind of blender is there? Characteristics of each type.

Speaking of blenders, you would probably think of a swivel mill and a millstone above for fruit and grind! In fact, blenders are now being introduced by manufacturers into many different types and models.

In the simplest and most complete way, the blender can be divided into the following categories:

Mini Blender

This is a blender with a compact design, simple, low cost and of course just grind the fruits, food is quite soft. Mini blender is the right solution for you if you need a machine to carry around for temporary trips such as work, travel or picnic.

Handheld blender

The hand blender, as its name suggests, is a versatile blender when you can grind food in a variety of containers. In return, the speed and purity of the hand blender is not equal to the fixed grinders.

What kind of blender should you buy in 2018? 1

Blender often

The most common type of blender, usually consisting of a rotating cylinder, two dry and wet grinders. Basically, if you use the right way, the blender will usually meet the needs of the food mill of most families.

Multifunction blender

This type of blender usually consists of a rotating cylinder and a variety of grinding mills such as dry grinding, grinding, meat grinding, soybean meal, fruit juice …

Multipurpose milling machine

Despite its slightly different name, the multifunction blender can still be considered a blender, as it also includes the same functions as a multipurpose blender, plus fruit juicer.

Blender industrial

This type of blender is often used in restaurants, cafes, multipurpose blenders that allow you to grind even large stones, grinding time is also much faster than conventional blenders.

In the next section, we’ll talk about choosing the right blender – the most popular blender, the most sought after.

What kind of blender should you buy in 2018? 2


The blender has quite a variety of prices to cater for different price needs. Specifically, the cheapest blender costs only 250 thousand dong, not to mention the machines of unknown origin are imported from China. The highest priced blender costs up to over 10 million VND, owned by KitchenAids.

The most popular today is the blender costs from 400 thousand to 800 thousand. This is an acceptable price for a fruit and food processor in the home.


Think about it, do you need a blender before buying? Why?

Because of the fact that every blender is quite time consuming, especially the cleaning step after each blender. For this reason, in fact, we can see that many families buy blenders for several times and then leave.

Assessing your needs accurately will help you make the right decision whether to buy a blender.


How affordable is the blender selection?

We are less interested in this issue when choosing to buy a blender. The fact is that just for home use, the capacity is not so important, because the manufacturers have designed a reasonable capacity.

In more detail, the higher the capacity, the faster the grinder is, the more grinding it will take, and the more common it is to grind hard foods. The normal capacity of the blender is 200-300w, while the high capacity is 500-600W.

Mill capacity

The miller capacity will determine whether the blender is milling more or less each time. Therefore, the capacity selection will usually depend on the number of members in your family. For a normal family of 4-5 people, choosing a capacity of 1.2 – 1.5 liters is reasonable.

What kind of blender should you buy in 2018? 3



There are two important parts of the blender that you should consider the miller and blade.

There are two types of materials used to make mills popular plastic and glass, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic grinders are a lighter type grinder, which is more convenient to use, but more difficult to clean, and if the plastic is not good quality will affect the food safety and hygiene.

Glass mill: heavier, may break if not careful but easier to clean, better hygiene. With the blade, the current is made of stainless steel, but the blade material is very different. We can hardly check the blade material, which can only be estimated through the cost of the machine. A cheap blender can be bent, warped or even rusted. The better the blade, the better it will be. Noise The blender will certainly produce noise, however, so most blenders now have a self-gripping base, which makes the machine more stable and reduces noise considerably. The noise level of a blender depends on the type of grind, glass or plastic grinder. The most noisy blender is the cheap, the uncertain design, the plastic mill. Manufacturers After reviewing the most common factors as mentioned above, you finally have to return to the question: So what is the ultimate blender of the company? The answer is no good and no bad company, if you look at the famous manufacturers. So, in the next section, let’s take a look at the top blender brands today.

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Philips: Blender The Philips blender is a fairly well-known brand, with a number of striking features including good materials, long-term warranties, but the price is quite high, ranging from 6 hundred thousand to more 3 million VND. Some of the strengths of the Philips blender can be overwhelmed by the multifunctional, high capacity, easy to clean.

Sunhouse: Sunhouse Blender is also a strong brand in the market with products from the conventional blender to versatile. Compared with Philips, the Sunhouse is much more competitive, only from 250 thousand to 1.5 million. However, the quality and durability of the Sunhouse blender is generally lower.

Panasonic: Panasonic blender is also a notable brand of blender, with medium to high price segment. Panasonic blenders and multifunction blenders range from 6 hundred thousand to 4 million VND. Some features of the Panasonic blender are safe design, sturdy mill, stainless steel blades or titanium blades. Blender Comet Blender has some good quality models and prices are quite competitive in the market. Comet blender with glass mill, stainless steel blade.

Bluestone Blender: Blender is one of the brands currently in the market, priced from 7 hundred thousand to more than 2 million. Features of the blender Bluestone is glass mill, stainless steel blade, smooth operation.

Kangaroo: Kangaroo Blender is also a successful brand in the blender market, with models priced from 3 to 6 hundred thousand. Features of the Kangaroo Blender are the glass mill, a popular 350W power, non-slip base.

Supor Blender: Supor Blender is mainly a model of normal blender, consisting of a dry grinder and a wet grinder, cost from 6 hundred thousand to more than 3 million. The features of the Supor grinder are simple two-speed mechanisms, glass or plastic grinders, stainless steel blades.

Magic Plus Blender: This is a blender brand consisting of only two main models, Magic Plus MP01 and MP02. Features of the Magic Plus blender are easy to use, stainless steel blades, plastic blenders. Bosch blender The Bosch blender is known for its high capacity, plastic blender, durable use, but its price is quite high compared to the product.

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