With Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology, a touch is all it takes

Pilar pull-down kitchen faucet with patented Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology is inspired by the fusion of technology and nature. Pilar performs to fit today’s busy lifestyles while its transitional look coordinates with any decor. Designed for consumers who are looking for a smarter, cleaner and more efficient way to work in their kitchen, Pilar with Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology is an exciting new option for today’s kitchen projects.

At the core of the faucet’s unique offering is Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology. With this intuitive innovation, the user can start and stop the flow of water with just a simple touch anywhere on the spout or the handle. When hands are messy during food preparation and clean up, a touch of a forearm or wrist is all it takes to operate. Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology makes it easier to turn off the water flow in between tasks, saving water.

Pilar operates manually, as well as with Touc[h.sub.2]O functionality. The handle adjusts flow rate and temperature. A blue LED light indicates when Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology is engaged, and turns red when the batteries need to be replaced. Pilar also incorporates a two-function pull-down spray head that switches from stream to spray with the click of a diverter button. Delta’s exclusive MagnaTite [TM] Docking engages the spray head to its docked position, keeping it securely in place.

Pilar features Delta’s patented DIAMOND [TM] Seal Technology, which combines a durable DIAMOND Valve with InnoFlex [TM] PEX waterways. The result is no leaks, no lead, no worries. Once inside the faucet, water is not in contact with potential metal contaminants. Pilar’s high-arc spout swivels 360 [degrees] for greater functionality in the kitchen. This provides ample clearance for pots, plates and other large cooking utensils.

Available with the features consumers want

Pilar with Touc[h.sub.2]O Technology fits into any decor. The pull-down kitchen faucet is available in Chrome and Brilliance [R] Stainless finishes with an optional, coordinating soap dispenser.

About Delta

At Delta, it is our primary goal to develop stylish and innovative products and solutions that add convenience, enhance performance, and improve consumers’ everyday experience with water. Delta delivers exceptionally well-made, stylish faucets and related products that are precisely crafted to be beautiful both inside and outside. Using relevant innovation, the brand is committed to helping concerned consumers identify simple ways to incorporate conservation into their everyday lives.

Dedicated to a total customer experience, Delta invests in internal processes and systems to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. A worldwide leader in faucets and related accessories, Delta sells products in more than 53 countries.


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